Reminiscence Therapy for seniors with loneliness and isolation, delivered digitally.

The ReminX tablet is designed specifically for seniors. Once your loved one picks up our custom tablet, the stories you and your family members have uploaded will play over low music. When the tablet is placed back on the charging dock, it doubles as a digital photo frame.


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No Interface to Learn

Effortlessly upload photos, text and voice recordings for your loved one.

Continuous feedback on how the content is improving the life of your loved one.

Your loved one simply picks up the tablet and stories start playing automatically.

"When we gave my grandmother this tablet, she can’t stop talking about how she feels so included in our lives. The last time we went to see her she said 'I can’t believe you guys saw all those animals at the zoo'. She started talking about the great pictures and quality. I really feel like it brightens her day just being a part of our lives."

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ReminX customer, purchased for Grandmother