The computer tablet designed specifically for seniors to reconnect with life's memories.


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Make a meaningful difference by simply texting photos from your mobile device.

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Reminiscence Therapy reminds your loved one of their life and experiences with the aim to help reduce anxiety and loneliness. Until now, providing Reminiscence Therapy has been labor intensive, requiring the caregiver to repeatedly show pictures or perform activities like playing music or video editing.

Easy to stay connected

Effortlessly upload photos, videos, and voice recordings for your loved one.

Auto Play

There is no interface to learn. Your loved one simply picks up the tablet and stories start playing automatically.

We do the work

You text us or upload content using our mobile app. We send the content directly to your loved one’s ReminX tablet.


Friends and family members can all contribute to the care of your loved one by sharing memories and recent family events.

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"It's a good way to keep in contact with my mom because she lives far from me, and she is able to keep in touch with other family members that live out of town"

-Sue D.

"When we gave my grandmother this tablet, she can’t stop talking about how she feels so included in our lives. The last time we went to see her she said 'I can’t believe you guys saw all those animals at the zoo'. She started talking about the great pictures and quality. I really feel like it brightens her day just being a part of our lives."

-Jenny P.

Product Features

With ReminX™, helping your loved one with Reminiscence Therapy is easy.

The memories that you provide automatically play on your loved one's tablet.

Easy to Use

ReminX starts playing for your loved one as soon as they pick it up. There's no device learning needed.

Double-duty Charging Dock

When the ReminX computer tablet is placed back on the charging dock, it automatically turns into a digital picture frame with rotating photos.

Easy to Hear

Meet Rachel, your AI

Specifically designed for seniors, ReminX features speakers at the top of the computer tablet loud enough to hear without hearing aides.

Rachel is ReminX's computerized helper who assists you in managing your loved ones accounts. Simple message her with questions via text or in app.

Update seamlessly

Custom Collaboration

Submitting new photos to the tablet is as easy as sending a text message to the dedicated number on your account, or using the ReminX Family App.

Invite friends and family to contribute your loved one's reminiscence therapy session through ReminX Family App, no matter how far they are.



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